Dr Tito Rodríguez Bouza

Professional ID: 282857973
Specialty: Allergology

I focus on prevention and therapeutic councils, as well as getting the patient to understand the internal mechanisms of his illness. This is aimed at helping him the patient to finally understand what his problem is and therefore apply the optimal ways to improve his quality of life Areas of knowledge: Very high: Allergy to drugs. High: Rhinitis, Asthma, Urticaria, Immunotherapy. Low: Allergy to food, eczema ( Pediatrics ). Allergy doctor online, videoconference consultation or message email.

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Me puedes consultar tus dudas de salud, mandar imágenes y documentos.

Exposición rápida del problema/Quick Initial exposition.

Videoconsulta Incluye Alergia a fármacos/Includes Drug Allergy

Todo salvo alergia a fármacos/All except Drug Allergy


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